Casual Callouts
At the most basic level, when things aren’t working right, MacAssist will respond to callouts—should your document not print, your iPhone not sync, fonts not display or print properly, your e-mail not download or your computer is inexplicably crashing, we’ll be there to get it working again.

However, your business will feel the real benefits of our expertise when your system is optimised to work well and problems are prevented rather than cured. We can make this happen for you in two ways:

Receive the full advantage of our extensive expertise when we review your systems and optimise your software and hardware to make your IT setup more reliable. And when big changes need implementing, we advise you on the best route to take and will oversee the process to make sure it’s as smooth as it can be.

Maintenance Contracts
For those who require a more formalised service structure, maintenance contracts can be arranged. Providing regular service visits, a maintenance contract ensures all your hardware and software is running as it should all the time. This level of care keeps downtime to an absolute minimum and gives you that ‘don’t worry, it’s taken care of’ feeling.

For a full run down on how your business will benefit from using MacAssist, click here.